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I have little practice as well and had a turkey in under 4 hours. I had coming into me last fall. I put the mouth call in on the way to camp and practiced for an hour. I was having a legit conversation with a gobbler. He never came up the hill and a car drove by to scare those off. I then walked to the hill up top and 4 hens were there. I shot the one off by herself.

10 Turkey Calls You Need to Try

Text Long road trips are a great opportunity to try out new turkey calls—hands-free, of course. Although you might get a few sideways looks from other drivers at four-way-stops, kee-keeing and yelping on a new mouth call is more satisfying than just watching the yellow lines tick by. This otherwise monotonous time is better spent deciding which diaphragm calls will make it into my vest this spring, and conversely, which are going to be left behind.

With all of the turkey call options available these days, I wondered what some of the die-hard, turkey hunting experts use as their go-tos. Image by Mike Perice. Ray Eye has seen 53 spring seasons in the turkey woods.

Primos introduces the next call in the hook up line. The hook up Series is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it.

Beth clean living , country life , food , hunting , recipe , wild food One comment by Chris One of the reasons I wanted my own land is for hunting. It is a way for me to escape and be one with nature. The other thing that makes this time special is all of your senses are on high alert. You hear every sound, and small rushes of adrenaline shoot through every time a twig snaps or a bird ruffles through the leaves.

I am not the type of person who is just out to shoot and kill something, so the wait and chase of the hunt is what excites me. The first season that came up after our land purchase was spring turkey season. We see a ton of turkey activity at the property. Usually we scare the birds off of one of the fields and there are always scratching signs on the ground and gobbles from the woods. Spring season allows you to hunt bearded birds only.

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This kind of fishing will “grab” you. Lee Jernigan An age old tradition here in the Ozarks is “sucker grabbin”. People in these parts flock to the streams and rivers in March to try and snag sucker fish.

Primos Hunting Calls Calls – Turkey Primos Hook Up Magnetic Box Call Product Description The Hook Up box call is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it. The ultra strong magnet holds the paddle at the perfect angle for crisp cuts, smooth purrs and soft to loud yelps.

Tune the Call While your practicing your calling, make sure the calling sounds accurate. Most all box calls come pre-tuned so little adjustments like spring tension or the amount of chalk on the call can make a huge difference. Make sure the call is making a good tune before you head out. Practice Well before the Season Right around Christmas time every year, I start busting out the calls and gearing up for the season.

Take to the High Ground Calling a gobbler downhill is almost always going to be a problem. Walk along ridges and drop down just low enough off to hide your silhouette, then start calling. Even your footsteps need to be muffled and camouflaged.

Advice on a Box Call

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Friction Call, Turkey – Hook Up Magnetic BoxManufacture ID: Hook Up box from Primos is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect bo Primos has been trusted by individuals for decades.

Turkey hunting is one of the most exhilarating hunts one can experience. With so many products available these days it can be difficult deciding which ones to use. It has a drop down 3-inch foam seat that will keep you on top of the ground and hunting in comfort. Why the single strap? Well, the mono strap allows for a shotgun to be un-obstructed by shoulder straps you would find on a backpack.

The Slingshot Vest comes with a molded foam back for added comfort and has plenty of room for all your gear including, two box call holders, a slate and striker holder, shell loops and pouches for your decoy, mask, gloves and turkey. Doghouse Blind The Doghouse blind by Ameristep is the ultimate in full concealment for all weapon choices.

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The birds are hard to hunt. Hunters can be chatty with their target. While the conversations are frightening, the conflicts are what turkey hunters live for. The last 50 yards of tempting that big gobbler to your position can last for hours or end in a flash. All of it depends on the particular bird and the circumstances.

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Well, they create very natural turkey sounds. They are very lightweight and compact, and they are cheap, therefore, what else can you ask for? Several hunters were able to bag their thanksgiving holiday dinners because of the best turkey mouth calls and you could become one of these hunters too. Also called diaphragms, the best turkey calls on the market are made from a flexible latex reed, found within a horseshoe-molded plastic material.

Once you blow air inside the reed, it generates very natural sounds of the turkey. Best slate turkey calls are a should have for any hunter, therefore, your next thing is to determine which call should be in your backpack on your upcoming hunting vacation. Primos Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call Like other items from Primos brand, a unique group with a mixed decade of practical experience in turkey bird hunting created this best turkey calls for beginners, and it proves in each section of the game call.

The new Hook Hunter uses hardly any air and is excellent for creating a number of unique sounds of the turkey. The pitches are very authentic sounding that perhaps the wisest tom will not manage to avoid it. Overall, this is probably the most flexible and easiest turkey call to use that you might want. The turkey call is not just very soft and comfortable, however, it is really convenient and small for adults and for youngsters who got small mouths and palates.

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The Zeus Pro scope is a large advancement above previous models with a large objective size of 75 millimeters. The largest objective size also gives off 7x magnification. The aesthetics stick to a traditional matted green color with rubberized material made to armor against damage. The ranges are meant to capture distances for both hunters and shooters alike.


It doesn’t take much at all to hang up a bird, a creek, fence, thicket, no bird where they expect to see one or a downhill grade. If I had the cover to move I would, if not I would wait him out till he lost interest and then make a move on him preferably to the opposite side of where I was calling. He already knows exactly where you were calling from.

As for the initial question, I wear mostly mossy oak breakup because thats what I have, I wear an advantage realtree turkey vest and I use mostly HS strut mouth and friction calls although I keep a box call handy just in case. Most video’s hype box calls as the easiest to use, I have an alumistrut friction call and a double glass friction that frankly I believe is the easiest for me and always has been. I have alot of confidence in them and thats a 1 when selecting a call.

I do alright with mouth calls but don’t have alot of confidence in my ability with them yet.

How to Use a Mouth Turkey Call Part I

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