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She is also the former love interest of Mako and is the main love interest of Korra. Relationships Korra Korra is the main protagonist of the series and is the main love interest of Asami Sato. Her relationship with Korra didn’t start well, since Korra was jealous of Asami’s relationship with her then love interest Mako. However, they eventually became friends and Asami didn’t resent Korra when Mako broke up with her to be with Korra.

She and Mako briefly went back together after Mako broke up with Korra, but it ended when Mako went back together with an amnesiac Korra.

Asami Sato (Voice: Seychelle Gabriel) The Legend of Korra was an animated follow-up series to “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and set 70 years after the events of “Avatar” as it followed Korra, the next Avatar after Aang, and her adventures.

Comment A little more than three years ago, the popular and critically acclaimed animated series The Legend of Korra — the sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender — ended with a bang. The second was the explosion of excitement from fans and critics alike when the show had its title character, Korra, begin a romantic relationship with her best female friend, Asami. The same-sex relationship between the bisexual women both had previously dated the same guy, Mako was a landmark moment for American and family animation.

As a result, fans have long craved for more Korra and Asami. The first volume was released last August, and the wide release of Part 2 is today. Vulture spoke to Korra series co-creator and Turf Wars writer Michael Dante DiMartino about the process behind writing and drawing the second volume in the trilogy. The Legend of Korra ended about three years ago. What made you want to return to write about these characters with this trilogy?

I know it has taken a while for these books to be released, but I began outlining this story back in July of , so for me, not much time had passed between the show ending and graphic novel starting. Like with the Avatar:


Avatar Korra is back and yours truly, Shiro Shinobi, couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s been my honor to bring you news of Korra and her friends over the years. So many heart-pounding moments! Who can forget Amon and his Equalist revolution? I still have nightmares! Then there was that time I covered the Nuktuk mover premiere.

Korra bears a dark secret and is deeply afraid to confess her love to Asami, with whom has has secretly been in love for years. The story is very loosely inspired .

The Last Airbender, accomplished that. In this scene, Korra and Asami begin their relationship. The Nickelodeon animated TV show The Legend of Korra follows the life of Korra, the young new Avatar, who is charged with bringing balance to the world through her unique ability to control all four elements—earth, water, wind, fire—and her connection with the spirit world. The two shows align with the ages of the fans from the original series. Fans in the target demographic who watched The Last Airbender when it first premiered were about eight or nine years old and were beginning college during the premiere of The Legend of Korra.

Korra deals with many mature themes and serious topics, including nuclear weapons, equality, dictators, and post traumatic stress disorder. The series follows twenty-something Korra, who is learning to control her powers to become a leader while trying to bring peace to various world nations. Korra herself does not fit the normative role of a female hero.

She has muscles, is strong, and is happy to show it. She is also a woman of color, and though her ethnicity is never explicitly stated, she is not completely white, which is uncommon for a lead character. The show also presents an assortment of other strong female characters. The police chief, Lin Beifong , is an older woman but constantly fights alongside the younger characters.

Asami Sato

It starts off immediately where the finale left us: A huge refugee camp has been set up for the hundreds upon hundreds of people displaced when their homes were destroyed. Meanwhile, a billionaire tycoon Wongyong Keum who owns the land that the Spirit Portal appeared on, is planning to form a tourist getaway business.

Korra and Asami Are Getting Bi: Turf Wars Part 1 Review Posted by Laura B On August 15, 1 Comment Turf Wars is the long awaited comic series adaptation of the Nickelodeon television show, The Legend of Korra, written by Michael DiMartino and illustrated by Irene Koh.

Mako ended up dating Asami Sato but Korra went after him anyway. Although he initially rejected her, Mako eventually admitted his feelings for Korra and they kissed. Mako’s feelings for Korra eventually led to him and Asami breaking up. After Korra lost her bending, Mako confessed his love to Korra and although she initially rejected him, she later kissed him and they started dating.

Korra and Mako dated for over six months. They broke up after getting into a heated argument over their jobs. However, Korra briefly lost her memory of the break-up so Mako played along with her. Korra eventually regained her memory and they decided that it does not work between them. Mako agreed and they broke up for good. They still remained on friendly terms and Korra always sincerely thanked Mako for his help in battle.

Bolin Bolin first set his eyes on Korra as soon as they met as he could tell that she was special. Korra, however, always had her eyes on Mako instead. Still, Korra was rejected by Mako at first so she went out on a date with Bolin.

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The Legend of Korra finally ended its four glorious seasons but not without astonishing its fans by projecting Korra and Asami’s unspoken love in the most poignant and graceful manner possible.

We’re well into post-canonization, so we obviously know that the two are together. But the details of the relationship are still interesting to think about for me. I want to touch on two theories that have been passed around, and then talk about a different theory. People have passed around the idea that the two dated off-screen since the end of season 3. Obviously, one of the more important Korrasami scenes is when Asami holds her hand and says she’s there if she wants to talk “or anything” Both the touch and the expression on her face show a deep, genuine care for her.

And while this is an interesting theory, and would be cute, I’m not sure it’s the entire story. Anti-shippers were looking for a lot of reasons to keep the two apart for a while.

Asami Sato

And six months ago she spent four days in a hotel room with a beautiful woman who never called her back. So imagine her surprise when she picks up a harlequin romance novel by her favorite author only to find the story was about her. This was one of the first Korrasami fics I read and it is still one of my favorites. The story does not become angsty until the second half.

To Asami, With Love Author:

Friend Fic, part 1. Apr by Jake on April 19, at am. Chapter: Friend Fic. Hi! My name’s Jake. You may know me from my other comic, Modest Medusa! If you’ve read Modest Medusa than you’ll know I’m a big Legend of Korra fan and I’ve been shipping Korrasami for years. Asami Loves Korra is a Legend of Korra fan comic by.

But you should really start with Avatar: Sounds like a complete waste of my time. The world of Avatar is similar: So for Korra to come to existence, Avatar Aang had to die. When Korra starts, all of your favorite characters from Avatar are dead or old. The loveable Avatar gang from the previous show was replaced with a newer version, under different circumstances and political reality, and it was lead by a girl with superpowers.

The world of Avatar was always complex in the best way possible.

Korra and Asami enjoy a date in ‘Legend of Korra’ comic

Asami is a secondary character on a Y7 show who actually had a surprisingly limited amount of screentime. Asami is a nonbender within her universe—part of the disempowered majority who are inherently vulnerable to attacks from benders especially when they form crime organizations , which is how her own mother died. She was even ordered there once.

It’s hardcore flirting, even though Mako’s A) dating Asami and B) knows Asami is aware of his feelings towards Korra and is made really, really uncomfortable by them.

The Last Airbender, ended in by finally pairing up its female leads: The powerful, headstrong Avatar Korra and the beautiful industrialist Asami Sato. Earlier this week, EW previewed the first issue of the much-anticipated comic book sequel to the show, in which Korra and Asami finally get to enjoy a lovely vacation in the Spirit World. Check those out below. Season 1, Episode 7 Clearing the Air After two seasons of the Korra-Asami-Mako love triangle, the two women finally put it behind them in the opening to season 3.

Taking a drive through Republic City, Korra and Asami joked about their past entanglements with Mako and relished in their own friendship. While collecting a tax shipment for the Earth Queen, Korra and Asami ran straight into a crew of punk bikers straight out of Mad Max: Though their earthbender escort fled in terror, the two women teamed up to make short work of their foes — thanks to a combination of earthbending, electric shock gloves, and even some high-flying acrobatics. However, Asami disagrees and begins highlighting all the good the Avatar has accomplished over the years.

Season 4, Episode 13 Officially Hand-in-Hand In the last few minutes of the animated TV series, Asami mentions that she could really use a vacation after the events of the last couple of months. This inspires Korra to suggest that the two of them do exactly that. Season 4, Episode 13 You May Like.

Korra & Asami When Fiction Becomes Fact – Korrasami

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