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In addition to recounting the bloody history of the Vietnam War, their documentary seeks to facilitate a kind of collective therapy, where all sides, Americans and Vietnamese, the North and the South, GIs and antiwar activists, can finally begin to work towards closure. To its credit, the documentary features unseen archival footage, makes an important effort to include Vietnamese voices, and presents an account that is less one-sided than what one would expect from a production sponsored by figures like David H. But despite its intentions, the overall framing is not only inaccurate, but politically dubious. In this way, the closure we get is a superficial one that does not actually bring us closer to ending a war that is in many ways still not over. Not Our Fault Through a voice-over at the very beginning of the documentary, Burns and Novick present their thesis on the cause of the Vietnam War: It is true that probably none of the leading policymakers in Washington wanted the war they eventually got.

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In Europe, Berlin was the focal point of the Cold War. Just off the coast of Florida, Cuba appeared to be an enemy in our midst. And in Asia, tiny Laos was in turmoil. But it was Vietnam that haunted JFK throughout his time in office, right up to the last week in November As he gazed out the window from the Oval Office that cold January day Kennedy saw the creeping vine of communism spreading across the globe.

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It uses a Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system. The manual says 7 power. The objective diameter is probably 5. Focus Turning the Focus knob clockwise moves the main mirror back Lens Cap – Filter The front cover contains a small open segment and a filter wheel with 3 neutral density filters, each more dense than the prior one as well as an open window. This would allow testing the scope in the daytime. Reticule This sight is intended for use on either the M2.

This on is setup with the M2 reticule and straight through eyepiece. The reticule gets it’s electricity from a cble that goes into the front of the front lens element. This is not a high voltage wire. Operation The switch with the pointer has 3 positions. The large knob controls objective focus and the eyepiece controls focusing on the image intensifier tube output window.

When looking up at the stars at night there’s a much larger number of start visible than with the naked eye. Also there is no night adaptation of the eye needed since the scope has a bright output. But you probably can see fainter stars with night adapted eyes.


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What’s up Guys! Going out with a bang here in Vietnam. The past few months have been amazing! I love this country and I will be back soon. Vietnam is a very special place to .

It was adjacent to Long Thanh North. I read somewhere that prior to our arrival the tower was manned by American civilian contractors. I had thought they were regular Army. Command transitioned to the Army on the 8th of August We arrived on 28 June, and worked with the departing controllers for a short period of time before they shipped out. During that week or two I was in the tower with the departing Tower Chief when we received incoming rockets and had shrapnel bounce off the tower windows to land on the cat-walk.

We called in support fire and gunships. Another time we received incoming and the gunships saw a lot of VC setting up out in the jungle. It sounded like an angry beehive and the falling brass sounded like wind chimes blowing in the breeze. What an awesome display of firepower. What a big pile of toothpicks that were left. Maybe 4 or 5 at any one time, and maybe a couple Avionics Techs.

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Print Ask a veteran, and most will tell you they are not heroes. I share this sentiment. I do not feel like a hero, and I do not call myself one—I reserve that title for my fellow veterans who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. I reserve that title for my wife, Shirley, who held our family together while I was rotting in a cell in the Hanoi Hilton for nearly seven years during the Vietnam War.

They served our country faithfully and with all their heart. I am grateful for them.

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Cu Chi had over square miles of Tunnel Networks beneath it. Only 23 miles Northwest of Saigon. Only needing to be re-supplied occasionally. A normal Infantry Squad is 11 We ran Ambushes every day and night along with 3 to 5 man Listening Posts up to a several thousand or more meters out in the Bush. We called it “BAIT”! Our Jungle’s were thick and green where you can only see the day light as it leaked through the top of the Jungle Canopy ceilings.

The DDT in the little clear plastic bottles we rubbed all over us like baby oil to ward off the Mosquitoes and insects all the time. When we went in to the Bush and hit or banged into the Trees or the thick Foliage of the Jungle’s, Nests with thousands of Red Fire Ants would fall all over us and bite pieces of flesh from us as they fell from their nests on to our bare skin.

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Summary of the Vietnam War: For this reason, in Vietnam today it is known as the American War. It was a direct result of the First Indochina War — between France, which claimed Vietnam as a colony, and the communist forces then known as Viet Minh. It ended with communist victory in April The Vietnam War was the longest in U. The war was extremely divisive in the U.

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A trainee is supposed to be lower than whale shit.

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Modal Trigger James Stockdale before he was captured. On September 9, , Navy Cmdr. James Bond Stockdale was flying his A-4 Skyhawk on a mission over North Vietnam, just days after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, when his plane took fire and hurtled down. Forced to eject with seconds to spare, he landed with severe injuries:

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Suffering from a lack of accurate intelligence sources inside North Vietnam, the U. In doing so, the administration exaggerated the number of POWs at issue, at one point stating that there were “fifteen hundred American servicemen” held throughout Southeast Asia. During this, POWs were released to U. President Richard Nixon announced that all U. These efforts halted following the collapse of the Accords and the fall of South Vietnam in , and over the next ten years, little progress was made in recovering remains.

In , the re-emergence of U. Garwood is considered by the Department of Defense to have acted as a collaborator with the enemy after he was taken prisoner, while it is claimed by proponents of the “live prisoners” belief, and by Garwood himself, that he was an American POW abandoned by the military. This publicity resulted in better treatment of U.

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Military bases destroy reefs in S. After pushing back against Chinese coercion for years, the Philippines has turned defeatist under the year-old government of President Rodrigo Duterte. Manila now appears eager to trade silence regarding its maritime claims for economic carrots from Beijing. Malaysia, whose government is embroiled in corruption allegations and is barreling toward political crisis in the next general election, has little appetite for confrontation with China, an important benefactor.

And Indonesia is happy to occupy a middle ground, resisting at the margins when it comes to Chinese fishing encroachments in its waters, but uninterested in taking a more active role in the disputes. Even Singapore , which remains deeply skeptical of China’s long-term intentions, is keeping its head down after being made a diplomatic punching bag by Beijing for its perceived support of the Philippines’ international arbitration victory last July.

The eagle, the lion and the dragon: Singapore’s future in the age of Trump The Philippines, which hosted the summit, and Cambodia wanted to strip out anything that could irritate China. But Vietnam, smarting from the Vanguard Bank incident and convinced that China’s diplomatic softening over the previous year was just a delaying tactic, argued for stronger language. Its tactics got it singled out in a China Daily editorial, which slammed Hanoi for “hypocritically trying to insert tough language criticizing China’s island building.

But it was stronger than the group’s last statement, issued by Duterte following the ASEAN Summit in April, and helped avoid a repeat of the group’s debacle when then-host Cambodia blocked the release of any statement at all. Modest victory Hanoi paid a diplomatic price for its activism, with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi canceling a planned bilateral meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart.

Still, Vietnam had won a modest victory and received a measure of support, even if grudgingly, from its neighbors. But the victory was short-lived.

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Central Vietnam is an area rich with both history and food. During our stay, we traversed the central Vietnam map. Our three-week odyssey started in imperial, war scared Hue, continued in rustic, preserved Hoi An and ended in sun-kissed, beachy Da Nang before we headed south to Saigon. It also afforded us the opportunity to connect with locals and tour the historic DMZ.

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For additional camouflage the cover contained small slots for inserting natural foliage. Graffiti on helmet covers was a means of expressing identity and opinion. If you choose to put your own graffiti on a helmet care should be taken to use graffiti appropriate to the period and service and also keep in mind you will be in full view of the general public, so you might want to temper it a little bit.

The easier dates to find are between If you have a twill cotton cover then it was definitely made in the ‘s. Likewise early Mitchell pattern covers were still marked with FSN. Notice on many covers that they were made by the Minneapolis Society for the blind. The clips lock around the webbing that goes around the inside of the helmet. The open ends of the clips should be pointing up when the band is on your head.

It is easier to adjust the band by fitting it on your head before you put it into the helmet. Helmet Band An elastic cotton webbing placed around the helmet. It was designed to hold foliage in order to blend the helmet into the surrounding terrain. It has a buckle for adjusting the headband. Designed to be fitted to the 2nd Pattern helmet liner.

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