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By Erin De Santiago Professional Travel Writer Beyond providing everything you need for a vacation, a cruise ship also provides transportation to a destination. Indeed, the demands of a cruise ship are extraordinary and so is the fuel consumption. Of the many fascinating questions cruise ships inspire, the most common is how much fuel they use. Cruise Ship Fuel Usage Size is key to fuel consumption and efficiency. A smaller ship will use less fuel than a large ship to travel the same distance. Both size and the average speed a cruise ship travels impact how much fuel it uses. On average, a large cruise ship can use up to tons of fuel per day , which is around 80, gallons. Similar to a car, traveling at higher speeds means an increase in aerodynamic drag, which directly impacts fuel use. Given that most cruise ships travel at 21 to 24 knots , this isn’t often an issue. In general, a large cruise ship up to 1, feet in length can carry as much as two million gallons of fuel on board.


Thursday, April 16, Dating on a Cruise Ship When I informed my uncle about the job I got on the cruise ship, he said this would be a ripe opportunity to meet a girl. It takes a particular adventurous spirit to accept a job on a cruise ship in Hawaii for a five month contract. I was already increasing my chances of finding a like-minded individual who shares similar dreams.

Before I set foot on the vessel, I was confident I would find my ideal girlfriend. During my first week onboard, however, I quickly changed my mind.

All singles resort packages listed above must be booked over the phone. If you attempt to book one of these packages online, you will miss out on all of the special singles amenities and events. A third party has arranged for special singles activities and amenities on the packages listed above. The resort will not only be singles, although a significant group of singles should book this vacation with this package. Therefore, pricing, availability and inclusions may be different than booking with the resort without the singles package.

Not all promotions or sales advertised on online may be applicable to singles resort bookings. Give us a call at to book today. There are a few cruise ships that offer special accommodations designed with singles in mind. Many cruise lines, even those that don’t have ships with accommodations just for singles, have special sales for singles, as well as events and programs during their cruises.

Activities for Singles What is there to do on typical cruises for singles? For example, many cruise lines offer “singles nights” in their discos or in various lounges onboard the ships. Such events are a great way to meet fellow singles that are on your cruise. There are lots of pool-side activities, dancing events, cocktail parties, and shows as well.

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From small group sessions to briefings for all passengers, we have public spaces onboard the ship ideally suited for each and every need. A separate bar and lounge, as well as a library provide ideal places to sit and relax or catch up on some reading. A selection of movies and documentaries can also be watched in the lounge. Enjoy the sumptuous meals prepared for you by our culinary team in our dining room, which can host all clients in a single seating with ample room.

Other facilities include the theatre style presentation room, gift-shop, fitness room, massage room, sauna and plunge pool.

More from Woman’s Day By Rebecca Shinners Jul 8, When you board a cruise ship, you’re instantly greeted by the smiling faces of employees from different countries across the globe. From restaurant waiters to performers, their job is to make your vacation as fun as possible. Of course, it’s hard not to wonder what working on a cruise ship is really like behind the scenes. While you’re only on board the boat for a week, workers sign contracts to move away from home for 4 to 8 months at a time.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below A recent Reddit chat took on this very question, asking cruise ship workers to spill their secrets. From the good to the unbelievable, here are the most shocking responses:

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Christina Whitaker Cruises are one place to meet a potential significant other. Often, you are on a boat with hundreds of strangers for days or weeks, giving you ample opportunities to meet the woman of your dreams. Cruises often host a number of activities designed for singles looking for fun and to meet other singles. Following a few easy tips can mean the difference between going home solo or with a date scheduled for the following week.

The stylish new flagship of the MSC fleet was officially welcomed by the cruise line in a flag ceremony today at the Fincanteri shipyard in Monfalcone, marking its handover from the Italian shipmaker, where the company also announced the launch of its Seaside EVO ships, two new vessels to be delivered in and MSC Cruises Both ships will be bigger than MSC Seaside, with a length of metres, offering more cabins that can host up to 5, passengers, and be equipped with the latest advanced “state-of-the-art” environmental technology that meet the “highest” and “strictest” port environment standards.

MSC Seaside will offer modular cabins that can accommodate up to 10 guests Credit: Other entertainment options on offer include the two longest zip lines at sea, each stretching metres, a full-size bowling alley, an interactive 5D cinema and an F1 racing simulator. MSC Cruises MSC Seaside is the second new ship to be launched this year by the cruise line, after MSC Meraviglia which was unveiled this summer, and is one of 12 new ships slated for launch between this year and

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Cozumel Mexico Cruises Hurricanes or cyclones that form in the Pacific Ocean can also impact ports along the Mexican Riviera as well as Hawaiian cruises and Australian cruises. Depending on where the hurricane moves, many cruise ports can be affected, particularly the Port of Miami , Fort Lauderdale , Tampa, Galveston, New Orleans, and even Boston and Norfolk.

Ideally, cruise ships do not encounter hurricanes directly. Cruise lines and many modern ships are equipped with sophisticated weather tracking and communication equipment to predict the path and intensity of storms, and because hurricanes move relatively slowly, cruise ships are able to sail out of the way with ease.

Holland America has found a cruising market for passengers wanting to experience the blending of tradition with modernity, where a superior level of service and amenities are part of the deal. Dutch seafaring traditions are proudly displayed throughout ms Amsterdam, from the soaring sculpture in the atrium to exquisite maritime-themed artworks adorning public spaces on board the vessel.

Holland America has spent million dollars upgrading its 13 ships during the past decade, resulting in staterooms and public spaces in keeping with the standards of cruise ship excellence. Cultured cruisers appreciate the pampered ms Amsterdam activities and services that include cooking demonstrations, digital workshops and treats such as a hot stone massage at the Greenhouse Spa — a perfect accompaniment on an Alaskan cruise. Holland America traditions remain a feature of the Amsterdam, including curling up under covers on deck, enjoying a mug of hot soup, and viewing the amazing Alaskan glaciers.

The ms Amsterdam is a middle-sized Holland America vessel with a 1, passenger capacity. The vessel was launched in , and is staffed by crew. Amsterdam spends the northern summer in Alaskan waters, but ventures far and wide for the remainder of the year, including extended visits to Australia and the South Pacific. The vessel is perfect for travellers who desire the best features of larger cruise ships, while still providing a feeling of intimacy and a degree of privacy.

Amsterdam has 15 lounges and bars, 2 swimming pools, including one with a retractable glass roof, and 2 jacuzzies. Amsterdam has inside cabins and outside cabins. There are 23 wheelchair accessible cabins on ms Amsterdam.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email At least 11 tourists from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship have died in a coach crash in Mexico. Early reports suggest the fatalities include a young child. The tourist guide who was taking the group to Chacchoben, a set of ancient Mayan ruins, was also killed bringing the death toll to People from Canada, America, Italy, Sweden and Brazil are also among those injured – five of which have already been discharged from hospital.

The first picture of the crashed coach – and people trying to help the wounded Local ambulances attended from all over There were a number of fatalities and injuries Read More Breaking Bad-inspired cop who led double life as boss of drug gang and wore Walter White T-shirt is jailed The driver were also injured and police are waiting to interview him to find out what happened. One report suggest a rear tyre may have blown out before the bus veered off the road and into an area of bushes.

On a ship this big, sometimes you have to travel a little to get from one activity to another, sometimes from the front of the ship to the back, sometimes from to bottom deck to the top, sometimes both!! Full house every time! At night after dinner, no one was heading to sleepy land. Without direction, they would hold an entire row for our 37 cruisers! Everyone appreciated the affordable no single supplement Studio cabins in the center of Decks 11, and 12, perfect for the single traveler.

It was not unusual to find some of my group in the Studio Lounge, a great place to meet for coffee, tea, water, cookies, or an adult beverage. Lounge chairs and tables with 2 HD televisions are there for your convenience. We dined every night in a fabulous dining room with a live band. Sometimes, we had up to 10 couples grooving to the music! As a dance instructor, this was very inspiring!

On other evenings, we danced the night away in the Jazz Club with a fabulous live band.

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George, Tucker’s Town, utilities, water sports, Warwick Parish, weather, wildlife, work permits. Bermuda Tourism Authority photo. There are two other Bermuda ports for smaller cruise ships. Introduction Cruise visitors exploring Bermuda; Since , there has not been a regularly-scheduled passenger shipping service to Bermuda. They are seasonal because Bermuda, not the Caribbean but miles north of it, has an appreciably cooler climate in the winter months.

Christian singles cruises allow Christians to meet in a relaxed, fun setting, while sailing to some of the most beautiful and scenic destinations in the world. There are Christian cruise vacations for singles, couples, and families, providing spiritual, uplifting, and fun activities and events that encourage passengers to share their faith, while respecting the individual nature of their relationships with God.

Most cruise itineraries will include talks, lessons, and workshops with inspirational speakers and leading members of the church. These singles cruises will also reserve time for prayer and for religious concerts. These onboard events create a sense of community spirit on the ship, and give ample opportunity for like-minded believers to meet each-other and share their faith and passions. The company All Christian Cruises is the leading provider of Christian cruise vacations that sail to all corners of the globe.

Serving Christian and Messianic travelers, All Christian Cruises are dedicated to combining spiritual fulfillment with the excitement of discovering exotic seas and destinations. They have a fleet of ships that regularly embark from ports in Florida , Los Angeles, Mexico , and Nassau. One of their more unusual cruises is the SoulFunny Comedy cruise. On Royal Caribbean ‘s ship Radiance of the Seas, this four-day Caribbean cruise promises to rejuvenate the passenger’s soul with laughter and top-class entertainment.

The ship promises a Christian dance party, talent show, and—the jewel in the crown—a Christian Comedy Show not to be missed. Women looking for Christian cruise vacations designed with them in mind are invited to find friendship and relaxation on the Sista2Sista boat, while families can enjoy the Women of Light Ministry cruise on the Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas.

These cruises sail all year round, so those looking for Christmas, summer, or spring break cruises are likely to find what they’re looking for.

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October 26, Courtesy of the ScareHouse in Etna, Pennsylvania You may know them as the deranged clown, the mad scientist, or that guy with the chainsaw who won’t stop chasing gaggles of shrieking girls down a dimly lit hallway. To find out what it takes to be professionally terrifying, we spoke with three people who served as “scare actors” as actors at haunted houses are known in the industry and lived to tell the tale.

Some work for free to rack up their volunteer hours—a requirement at many high schools.

Confessions of Cruise Ship Insiders: To party with a cocktail or several. Some of us, flush with memories of the whirlwind romances on the TV show The Love Boat, maybe even seek a real-life shipboard love affair. I live in Vegas and I would have to go to a private party to find this kind of behavior. Bruns says his days at sea were a constant party. Facebook Not to paint all cruise ship crew members as a bunch of randy, drunken party animals. They are, by and large, a dedicated and hard-working bunch who take their work seriously.

So many cruise ship crew members — especially the younger, unmarried service staff — blow off steam the way somethings away from home for the first time typically do: Well, now amplify that by Lisa Niver looks back fondly at her cruise ship days.


Share Picking your ideal cruise can be a lot like dating. Many cruisers play the field to see which cruise line is a perfect fit. This is a fun period when you can try all sizes, shapes and styles of ships and cruises to see what works for your lifestyle and expectations.

Ever so slightly like modern surgery, modern cruise-ship bartending is founded on an absolute commitment to cleanliness and precision. Bartending on the Celebrity Reflection Isaac never did much pelting, it bears pointing out. Do we begrudge Isaac that easier life—we who are his descendants, we whom he did create? If we make the assumption, as we were encouraged to do, that Isaac was the only bartender on the Princess, then there are nearly 30 times as many of us here on the Reflection, staffing no fewer than 10 different bars.

The atmospheric Sunset Bar may not seem unduly atmospheric when you first approach it. But as you choose a stool and straddle it, and as without a jolt or a noise a slight gap appears between ship and shore, a gap that will soon encompass everything, the atmosphere asserts itself. The Sunset Bar, you see, affords an unobstructed view of where the ship has just been, of the poignant foam of the propeller wash, churning whitely: There we are, finally, in our standard-issue Pool Shirt.

Through all these gyrations, though, like the eyes of a ballerina deep in the gyre of her pirouette, our polarized sunglasses re-find you whenever possible, awaiting your instructions. On a long, thin, black-rock jetty stretching out into the ocean, fishermen stood with their rods in the thickening light. No, what did it for you was us. Maybe you boarded the Reflection with some quiet expectation that Isaac would still be here.

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